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Kids Supermarket Cash Register Playset with sound and light

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Our 818 series are Play house simulation set for children’s small supermarket! Be cashier or customer with the Cash Register with accessories from Imagination. The Simulation Cash Register Toys comes with a scanner. Use the shopping trolley to carry your included groceries, and choose whether to pay by cash or card. This pretend play cash register set provides hours of role play opportunities for your child and their friends.

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All of these accessories represent taking children shopping. a fully functional calculator, few groceries - Play checkout at the grocery store with a credit card scanner, a microphone, a shopping cart, and phony money.
Use the functional calculator to total up your purchases and make payments with cash or bank cards. Scan goods, listen to beeps, and imitate actual supermarket shopping scenes.
This toy supermarket cash register for kids is one of our best-selling items. Europe, North America, and South America all love it a lot! Additionally, we are always updating our offerings.



1. Window box, showing directly to customers
2. Movable conveyor belt
3. Functional calculator with sound
4. Lockable drawer with key, opened by entering the button
5. Swipe the credit card with a beep sound
6. Scan the item with the light-up and beep sound
7. Shopping basket with 4 veggies
8. Interactive buttons




This generation of Cash register pretend toys upgrade more functions. The Cash Register-Pretend Play can greatly develop children’s visual ability, improve their learning ability of calculation. And create their imagination.

The Simulation Supermarket Multi-function Cash Register toys are made of safe and environmental plastic materials, which perfect for 3+ years old boys and girls.

The toddler toys encourages imaginative play, social interaction and communication and develops numerical skills.

Cash register pretend toys is the Ideal gift option for baby birthday, Christmas day, New Year gift and so on!

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