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Eco-Friendly Wheat Straw Mobile Crane Toy – Ignite Your Child’s Engineering Dreams

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Unleash your child’s inner engineer with our Wheat Straw Mobile Crane Toy. Crafted from eco-friendly materials, this toy not only provides an engaging playtime but also promotes environmental consciousness.

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Introducing our Eco-Friendly Wheat Straw Mobile Crane Toy - the perfect blend of fun, learning, and environmental responsibility. This ingeniously designed toy paves the way for your child to experience the thrill of engineering, ensuring an exciting and educational playtime.

Our Mobile Crane Toy is made from wheat straw, a naturally occurring plant fiber known for its biodegradable and compostable properties. As a sustainable and renewable resource, it naturally decomposes over time, posing no harm to our environment. This aligns perfectly with our commitment to foster environmental awareness in our young ones, right from their playtime.



ITEM NO S890-3
Description Mini Crane
Product Size 17.5*10.5*16.5(CM)
Package Size 21.5*11*17.5(CM)
Material wheat straw
Master Carton CBM 0.170 CBM
Carton Pack QTY 36 PCS/CTN
20GP 5929 PCS
40GP 12282 PCS
40HQ 14400 PCS
LEAD TIME Within 30 days after getting deposit
Battery Info.  






The simulation design of our toy replicates the real-life functioning of mobile cranes. With its numerous movable joints, it offers a hands-on engineering experience, making playtime an educational journey for your child.

One standout feature of this toy is its bi-directional sliding motion. The wheels adhere closely to the ground, allowing the toy to glide smoothly in both directions with a gentle push. This interactive feature keeps your child engaged, giving them a taste of mechanics in action.

Adding to the realism is the movable hook and arm feature of our crane toy. The hook can be raised and lowered, while the arm extends freely and rotates 360° with the working platform, offering your child an authentic and exciting engineering experience.

In conclusion, our Eco-Friendly Wheat Straw Mobile Crane Toy is more than just a plaything. By simulating real-life engineering operations, it brings the world of mechanics to your child's fingertips while instilling an understanding of the importance of eco-friendliness. Let your child dive into a world of fun, learning, and environmental awareness with this remarkable toy.

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