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Wheat Straw Sliding Excavator Toy – Fueling Engineering Dreams in an Eco-friendly Way

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Discover the perfect blend of fun, education, and sustainability with our Wheat Straw Sliding Excavator Toy. Crafted to emulate real-life engineering, it offers interactive play while teaching kids about renewable resources.

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Step into a world where playtime is both engaging and educational with our Wheat Straw Sliding Excavator Toy. Tailored to inspire every child's engineering dreams, this meticulously designed toy offers an immersive and fun learning experience.
The cornerstone of our toy is the use of wheat straw as the primary material. An organic plant fiber that's bio-degradable and compostable, wheat straw stands testament to our commitment towards sustainable and environmentally-friendly practices. As a renewable resource, it naturally decomposes over time, leaving minimal environmental impact, and teaching kids about the importance of sustainability. A fun fact: wheat straw, once seen as agricultural waste, has now found significant utility in crafting toys, manifesting the beauty of recycling and resource optimization.



ITEM NO S891-3
Description Mini Excavator
Product Size 17*10.5*18(CM)
Package Size 21.5*11*17.5(CM)
Material wheat straw
Master Carton CBM 0.170 CBM
Carton Pack QTY 36 PCS/CTN
20GP 5929 PCS
40GP 12282 PCS
40HQ 14400 PCS
LEAD TIME Within 30 days after getting deposit
Battery Info.  





The realistic design of our sliding excavator toy, complete with multiple movable joints, replicates the functionalities of a real-life excavator, providing an authentic engineering experience. It fuels the child's curiosity about mechanics, making playtime a fun-filled educational journey.

One standout feature of our excavator toy is the bi-directional sliding mechanism. With wheels that closely adhere to the surface, the toy easily glides forwards or backwards with just a gentle push, making the experience interactive and engaging.

An additional key feature is the flexible excavation arm and bucket that can extend, dig and rotate 360° along with the working platform, mimicking the actions of a real excavator. This feature offers a hands-on engineering experience, triggering your child's imagination while teaching them about the principles of mechanics and motion.

In essence, our Wheat Straw Sliding Excavator Toy is much more than a toy. It's a learning platform that makes engineering fun and accessible to kids while instilling a sense of responsibility towards our environment. Let your child's playtime be filled with learning, joy and a strong sense of environmental conservation with our innovative toy.

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