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Exciting Prehistoric Racing Adventure Playset: Offer Your B2B Clients a Unique and Engaging Toy Experience

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Encourage Imagination: The Dino Raceway Playset offers an innovative combination of prehistoric adventure and thrilling car racing, stimulating children’s creativity and encouraging imaginative play.

DIY Customization: A standout feature of the Dino Raceway Playset is its DIY design. Children can customize their racetrack, providing an extra layer of engagement and enabling them to shape their play experience.

Captivating Themes: Dinosaurs and racing cars are two themes that captivate many children. Our Dino Raceway Playset combines these themes in an exciting and adventurous playset, ensuring broad appeal.

Quality Construction: Made with durable materials and a strong design, the Dino Raceway Playset offers longevity and robustness to withstand active play, making it an excellent addition to your B2B clients’ toy collections.

Educational and Entertaining: Along with offering an engaging play experience, our playset helps develop fine motor skills, spatial awareness, and problem-solving abilities. It turns learning into an exciting adventure.

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Expand your toy collection with our Dino Raceway playset, an engaging and customizable DIY racetrack designed to delight both car and dinosaur enthusiasts. This innovative playset offers a unique and immersive play experience by merging modern racing action with the allure of the prehistoric world, making it a highly sought-after product for your B2B clients.


ITEM NO 7159-3
Description Customizable Parking Lot Set with 6 Sleek Alloy Cars: Ultimate Toy for Aspiring Engineers
Product Size 52*57*12(CM)
Package Size 48.5*7*28(CM)
Master Carton CBM 0.249CBM
Carton Pack QTY 24PCS/CTN
20GP 2699 SET
40GP 5590 SET
40HQ 6554 SET
LEAD TIME Within 30 days after getting deposit
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Versatile DIY racetrack design: The Dino Raceway playset encourages children to unleash their creativity by building their own racetrack with various layouts and configurations. The set includes four beautifully crafted metal racing cars adorned with striking dinosaur designs.
Authentic roadway elements: The playset features realistic road components such as bridges, toll booths, and traffic signs to educate children about transportation and road safety in a fun and interactive way.
Fully-equipped construction zone: The playset includes a comprehensive construction site with a tower crane, excavator, construction signs, and an underground parking garage, introducing children to the world of engineering and construction.
Enthralling prehistoric setting: The Dino Raceway playset brings the prehistoric world to life with the addition of majestic dinosaurs, volcanoes, and ancient trees, sparking children's curiosity in paleontology and natural history.
Educational and entertaining: The Dino Raceway playset fosters cognitive and motor skill development, problem-solving, and imaginative play, making it an ideal addition to any wholesale or retail toy business.
Upgrade your toy offerings with our Dino Raceway playset, a dinosaur-themed customizable DIY racetrack that provides endless hours of creative fun and learning. Don't miss the opportunity to offer this exclusive and engaging product to your B2B clients - place your order now and cater to the growing demand for innovative and educational toys.



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