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Friction Powered Toy Fire Engine Rescue Truck with Lights & Sound Push & Go Friction Truck Toy for Boys & Girls

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●G1624/ G1625/ G1626 are friction Powered Toy Fire Engine Rescue truck toys. It is Friction Powered. So just simply push the car forward several times and let it go. The crane on the vehicle can move up and down.

● Fire truck toys features flashing lights,real life sounds and an extending rescue rotating ladder ! Children can imagine themselves at the rescue saving the day

●Batteries are included! Make sure you pull out the plastic piece from the battery area to activate the batteries.

●The Fire truck can give that amazing feeling to your kids with its rotating rescue ladder. Able to rotate at 360°, the ladder helps develop fine motor skills!

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● Swiveling ladder moves the pair of firemen on and off the truck, so they can fight the fire and be heroes.

● This Fire Engine Rescue Truck will stimulate children’s interest of fire station trucks and knowledge such as how fireman uses this truck to rescue people.

● Products are made with high quality and safe materials.

● Developing kid's manipulative ability, motor skills, quick mind, symmetry and creativity while playing the truck.

● Highly durable set for indoor & outdoor use including lawns, patios, living rooms, preschools, kindergarten & anywhere else.

● Gizmovine fire truck toy makes a perfect gift for birthdays, holidays and other gift-giving occasions. Boys who love Toy trucks will be entertained for hours.


● Truck toys are always right for your little one to explore the world and build their own dreams.

● Kids will be eager to run to the rescue with this realistic toy fire truck.

● It features authentic fire-truck details, from its classic red color to its working ladder, which extends and swivels so you can reach the fire.

● Flashing light bars, siren sounds, and dispatcher voices add to the realistic play and can be activated with the push of a button on the side panel.



The taxiing construction vehicle does not have a remote control or wireless control. It taxis by pressing and accumulating power. The child can make the vehicle move forward, backward or left and right by operating the front of the vehicle; the second operating platform on the construction vehicle can also perform a large-scale rotational movement, each joint on the construction vehicle can be rotated, and the excavator truck’s arm and Shovels are no exception, they can perform actions like digging soil, digging mountains and transferring waste rock just like a real excavator truck.

In addition to its flexible joints, the car is also very resistant to falls. Reinforcement design has been carried out everywhere on the body, and the child accidentally fell the car to the ground, so there is no need to worry about the car breaking. And the details of the body are sculpted with reference to the real excavator truck, and you will find that the functions and details of the excavator truck have been restored on this product.

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