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Scene toys – leading children to experience wonderful childhood

Scene toys take the children's living environment and classic fairy tales as the basic elements of scene design, and meet the children's needs for story imagination and creation in a comprehensive way. As an important category of toys, it is an important carrier of children's emotional experience. It not only enriches children's social cognition, but also provides a platform for children to communicate with others. Children can create rich stories through scene toys, develop language expression ability and imagination, and cultivate social communication ability in game interaction.

Early childhood is the period when children seek and find hobbies, and educators need to provide more opportunities and scenes for children to choose. On the one hand, it can exercise children's ability to make independent choices, and on the other hand, it can increase the possibility of interest and hobby being found in many choices and attempts.

When children begin to add more purposeful thinking to play and learn to organize different activities with logical relationships, the real role play game begins. In the next few years, children will be enthusiastic about this, and constantly add their own understanding and creation to the "performance", which will help them understand the real world and interpersonal relationships, develop imagination and social skills.
In fact, the desire of a villain to "live a family" does not need special care. She will find and use all the materials around her to create opportunities to launch games anytime and anywhere. There are not many role-playing toys I have prepared for her, many of which are made of ready-made materials at home; For children's play needs, adult support is more important than the number of toys. Children are curious about everything and like to observe and imitate adults' behaviors.

Post time: Sep-22-2022